Sleeping Without A Bed

Ten months ago,

I had a massive bed which took about a third of all the space in my room.  I couldn't walk anywhere without tripping on something.  There was no space do anything I wanted to do.  I didn't have room to create music, paint, use my green screen, or explore any alternative creative passions.  While there was no space, I still didn't question why I had a bed.  Having a bed is normal.  I only know one person other than my brothers without a bed.  On top of being in a cramped environment, I woke every morning feeling absolutely terrible, constantly feeling back pain and nerve pinches in my back.  Well, the bed was kind of bad to start with.  A large red futon lying on top of metal bars.  Every two weeks the futon would squish down I'd end up sleeping on a pile of metal bars.  And, there was a crevice on my bed, and slowly but surely, I'd sink deeper and deeper into the crevice at night.  My bed was a monster, chewing at my life bit by bit.  It sucked..  I thought the solution was to get a new bed, but it seemed like a lot of trouble.  Breaking long-winded habits and changing is always a tough road travel.

I had nothing going on one day, ten months ago, and I kept thinking how much of a pain this bed was giving me mentally and physically.  At this point, I began taking more of an aggressive approach on changing my overall health.  I decided that I might get a new bed.

After disassembling the last screw of my bed, I said to myself, "What the hell are you doing?"  "My parents, friends, and family are going to think I'm crazy."  In the end, I think I know usually know what's best for myself.  I think I've always just accepted a lot of things as being normal.  At this point in time I was already realizing that everything I'd always known was completely backwards or at least incomplete.  I always thought I was living my best possible life, but I think I'm just beginning a new journey.  I laughed after tossing all of the bedding on the curb.  Sweet relief, plus, I helped somebody mentally and monetarily get a free bed.  My bed was gone, and now I had a room, space to live, breath, and create.

Immediate Response.
1. I now have a ton of space to run around in my room to live, move around, and stretch.  Wow, this is great!
2. The ground doesn't feel that comfortable, so I started with a pillow/blanket bed.  The makeshift bed was alright.  I hadn't really done any research and was going off my own intuition.

The First Few Days.
 1. I woke up every morning feeling cramped and uncomfortable.  I didn't feel like any body position or bed setup was working.
2. I retreated to the couch several times.

First Couple Months.
1. After a couple of weeks the back cramps and uncomfort started subsiding.
2. Something still wasn't right in my back, after years of sleeping on uneven bars, my back was a messed up.
3. Although I slept on the floor with minor padding, I still slept with a pillow, sometimes two behind my head.  (this won't help the spine much - not a natural state)
4. In December/January I bought and inversion table, started using it every day.  This plus floor sleeping seemed to be doing wonders. 
5. I started my journey with accu-therapy mats, calmed my muscles and mind before bed.

Nine to Ten Months.
1. Sleeping on the floor can actually be comfortable and its healthy. (hard surfaces are great for the spine, muscles, bones, and everything else)  - Reminds me whenever I work really hard on the farm with my parents it always feels natural to lay down on a hard floor.
1. The combination between floor sleeping, accu-therapy, stretching, and the inversion table feels great.  I feel renewed every morning, although, I think it is important to mention I live on a keto/paleo diet known as Bulletproof.
2. I've found the perfect sleeping situation is to have a thin pillow folded under my legs(somewhat under my lower thighs), a small mat/blanket under my back, and a towel/blanket that gives my neck support but does not raise my head.  I fold half a thin sheet under my neck for support and the other half cocoons my head so I am not tempted to turn on my side.  My head is not lifted at all in order for my spine to be at its optimal curvature while I am sleeping.
3.  I've used my green screen, have room for an inversion table, can run in circles and practice using my nunchucks, I have an entire wall to paint on, and bought a Moog Theremin (I have plenty of room to swing my hands and create music).  I love the new situation in every way.

There are a few other things that I do for sleep, but I'll save them for another day.  I think its always possible to create a routine/habit that increases the quality of life, sleep, and existence.  One step at a time.

All the best,



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