ET Project - New Asset

Hi Everyone,

I am a huge E.T., the Extra Terrestrial fan.  Ever since I watched the movie when I was 15, I haven't been able to forget about E.T.  That and X-Files have really driven my passion for creating video games about aliens.

Most recently, I have decided to continue an old E.T. video game project.  I have a real love for this lonely alien.  Here is a short walking animation that I am working on.  I hope to white-box a few environments for the game before throwing E.T. into the game, but I wanted to give an update on my work.

I also still working on Whale Racer, as a side project.  I am currently working on the computer player racing algorithms.  I making for sure that the game will be challenging and hopefully fun.

Here is the short animation, enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed that very SHORT clip, and wish you only the best in your own adventures.

Dreams Don't Sleep,

Austin Irvine


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