I believe projects are ideas that become reality.  For that project, idea, and perspective to come alive, it needs but one mark on a sheet of paper.  Once that mark is made, the attempt to keep working becomes easier.  This is a good start, but I think the whole reason to work on projects is far more complex.  The art and reason to 'work', 'create', and 'do' is far more psychological and philosophical. Questions appear about the art of creation that remain unanswered due to their complexity.  When it comes down to it, nothing ends up getting done because of this loud, incessant, questioning voice.  It thunderously asks, "Why work on a project at all?  What is the meaning and purpose of composing a project or anything?  Why create something and why not merely enjoy the creations of others?"  Furthermore, it ask a deeper question, "Why does anything matter when in a long time the thoughts created will be merely cosmic dust floating in the dark vacuum of space?"  That quite a bleak outlook, eh?

I would hope I am not alone in asking these questions to myself.  These voices of 'reason' and 'questioning' are what lead me to indecision a majority of the time.  It is as if the world seems like a pointlessly blank canvas.  The canvas could be painted, but why paint it at all.  Why should it matter?  Am I trying to please others or myself?  Why should that matter?  There are far more scenarios, but this is just a singular example.

The answer is complex and probably varies from person to person.  I think everyone finds their own meaning and justification to existence.

Why do I create projects and why does it matter to me?

I create because it is far more challenging than doing nothing.  I cope with my existence by challenging what exists.  I enjoy creating new concepts, although unoriginal in some respects, I see it far more rewarding creating random, new, and exotic thoughts rather than something that has existed in the past.  In a way, the Universe and world around us has a central theme of creation.  From nothing, there arose something.  That's what I love about creating, it follows this theme of Universal existence.  We create something that matters from absolutely nothing, thus following the natural course of life.  Doing nothing to accomplish absolutely nothing just doesn't feel natural..

"To exist is to create, to create is to exist." - Austin Irvine


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